FT-Swiss ystem Format:



The so-called “FT-Swiss”-Format will be played on all stops of the European Backgammon Tour.

It´s a kind of combination of the old FT-System (rotation principle) and Swiss Format (players with same results are preferably paired against each other. It´s a Tripe Elimination.

A player can lose 2 times and still can win the entire tournament. A player is out as soon as he loses 3 times.

All matches are 9 points minimum and clocked.

The new format is challenging, exciting and fun and offers a lot of playing opportunity and many rounds. It offers many advantages to both parties, the organizers and the players.

While schedules are easy to draft (if played with clocks), there is no handling of registration papers, draws for different brackets (main, progressive fighters, last chance), bye handlings, since everything is done per software, directly online and can be viewed from any computer with internet connection from any corner of the world.

The points are calculated automatically and a ranking is in place, round for round.

There is better scheduling and filling of side-events and/or no waste of time and endless waiting for players.

This new system has been tried during a full year locally in Munich, then internationally in Mallorca in 2011 and then during several events with over 64 players in Cyprus and in Istanbul.

It has been approved and loved by anyone who has tried it or participated in it. ISTAVDER has developed a special software for it. 

Pairings are done as far as possible in a manner to avoid repetition of matches based on a rotation principle, which of course, at a certain point will have to happen.

Break times can be integrated in the total bank time of the players, so no delay will ever be reached.

No penalty points are needed, since starting time of each round is set and the player ready to play can simply press the button of the clock while waiting for his absent opponent (like in chess tournaments).

In case a player is out and/or an odd number of players is reached, the software picks randomly a player to sit out for one round. The sit-outs are distributed in an equal manner until all available players are granted a sit-out. The sit-out preference is totally random in order not to interfere with the top results.

As soon as players are out, a ranking takes shape until one player remains alive, who is the winner of the tournament. 


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