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Backgammon is the oldest game on the planet and enjoyed by millions of players worldwide but modern backgammon has its biggest community in Europe.

The EUROPEAN  BACKGAMMON TOUR (EBGT) 2013 is a unique series of tournaments unifying over 12 tournaments and 10 countries, featuring a Grand Finale for 18-24 qualified players to compete for a fabulous prize-pool of 19,000 € - 25,000 € (over 25,000 USD).

Initiated by Chiva Tafazzoli (World Backgammon Association - WBA), the EBGT cooperates with  bodies in European backgammon countries such as Turkey, Sweden, Denmark, Switzerland, France and Austria, in order to promote modern backgammon as a sport of the mind and top game of skill.

Come and join the biggest names of the game and take part at this fabulous Tour, happening for the 7th consecutive year.


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Chiva Tafazzoli


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